Sarah Van Buskirk


Hi There, I’m Sarah! 

Is there more to life than the everyday grind? Can we truly find peace, joy, and abundance? I guide women on a joy-filled path, intertwining the spirituality of yoga, meditation, and wellness, with opportunities for a delightful work-at-home venture. Imagine waking up, each day, thrilled about where you are. That life can be yours. Ready to embrace joy? 

Let’s piece together your journey towards happiness!


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ABout sarah

With seven years under my belt, I’m not just a wellness coach or yoga instructor; I’m a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. I firmly believe that our lives should overflow with joy. By intertwining the spiritual disciplines of yoga and meditation with holistic wellness, I aim to lead others toward a life of inner peace and transformation.

But my mission doesn’t stop there; I also introduce women to fulfilling work-from-home opportunities. To me, success is seeing every woman I guide wake up excited about where they are in their journey. With me by your side, each day is a step closer to a life brimming with joy.

About My book

I wrote “Soul Thoughts”, my poetic collection that delves into hope, nature, and spirituality with over 100 evocative poems. Through vivid imagery, I aim to inspire readers, emphasizing beauty and passion in every moment.

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“Sarah has been my Wellness Coach for about 3 years. Since the start of my fitness journey she has never wavered in her support, guidance, encouragement for me reaching my goals. She’s very passionate about wellness, yoga and body positivity and it shows in her work as a coach. She’s great.”
~Sabrina Wright
“I highly recommend working with Sarah Van Buskirk. She is knowledgeable and an expert in her field. Additionally, she works with a heart of service. She always has time to answer any questions I may have regarding nutrition and health; furthermore, her advice is easy to understand and follow because she breaks it down into manageable, doable steps. And if you aren’t following her yoga series on YouTube, you are definitely missing out.”
~Lucy Harrelson
“Sarah is such a hardworking, positive and passionate person! She puts her whole self into pursuing her goals and she will do that for you as a coach. I’ve watched her learn and improve herself all while growing her business with passion and positivity! I know she brings all of that go-get-it attitude and motivation to you as a coach.”
~Kelly Scott


In our first call together, we will discuss your goals, whether for better wellness, fitness and health, for healthy and clear skin, finding athleisure clothes that fit and flatter, or making residual income at your house. Once we decide on what is best for you, we will go from there and you’ll receive accountability communication from me so we make sure you achieve all of your goals.

No. We will start from exactly where you are.

No. It takes time to build up a yoga and/or meditation practice, so give yourself grace and just get started.

My wellness products ensure that you are getting all the nutrition that your body needs in a sweet and yummy way, so you know that what you’re putting in your body, your body loves just as much as you do. These products are great for gut health and great energy. You can experience yummy protein, probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins all while curbing cravings and feeling like you’re having dessert.

Being in a state of mindfulness is being present in your body, aware of all your senses (taking note of what you see, hear, smell, feel, taste), and feeling like you are fully in your body instead of in your thoughts. This state of being aware in our physical bodies brings us peace in the moment, because we are not stressed about the future or the past. You are more aware of your feelings in the moment, and can therefore invite in feelings of joy. We can be here now, and learn to be content and joyful in each present moment.

I’ve seen so many women struggle with motivation and consistency. But in the wellness journey I offer, women have the ability to lose weight and gain health at the same time that they can make money from doing it. This is how I started, and for me, money was one great motivation. Along of course with the friendships of other women doing the same thing in a wonderful online community. I love being friends with new women with similar goals.

The online work-from-home opportunities I offer are not only fun and catered to what you are passionate about as a woman, but they are extremely flexible. You can work just a few minutes a day before the rest of the family wakes up, or you can work all day long. It’s your choice. But with whatever you decide, I teach you how to be successful with it. I promise you – you can build great residual income for yourself and your family, and have fun doing it!

I definitely recommend getting started with a bundle. Three amazing products come with each bundle. If you want to get started on retinol (not pregnant or breastfeeding) then choose the Nourishing Bundle. Use the antioxidant mask with gentle exfoliation once a week to leave your skin with a rejuvenating glow. Keep the mask on your face 15-30 minutes, enjoy and gently wash off. Use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum (my favorite) after washing your face morning and night. This Hyaluronic Acid Serum is loaded with botanicals to promote healthier, more hydrated skin, resulting in a plumping effect that can smooth out the signs of aging. With Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and MSM, this therapeutic formulation provides the perfect combination for improved skin health and appearance. Then use the retinol in the evening to nourish and soften the skin for smoother complexion. If you’re not wanting retinol at this time, I suggest you get the Renewal Bundle. Use the hydrating and gentle foaming wash morning and night, followed by the hydration drench for moisture treatment once a day. Use the Rose Renewal Treatment (my favorite) a few times a week. Results driven for an instant impact, the triple acid combo of lactic, malic and glycolic work to firm, plump, smooth and refresh your skin, leaving you with an even, radiant tone. Keep the mask on your face a 2-15 minutes, enjoy and gently wash off.


Want the secret recipe to a joy-filled life? Download my FREE GUIDE that unlocks 5 Simple Steps to make it happen RIGHT NOW!