Sarah Van Buskirk

the joy all day summit

how to find the joy when it's hard to find.

Life can be tough and sometimes we forget how to be happy. Come to The Joy All Day Summit to learn easy ways to find happiness again! At this fun event, you’ll hear from people who know how to find joy, even on hard days. Join us to learn, share, and smile. 


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about sarah

With seven years under my belt, I’m not just a wellness coach or yoga instructor; I’m a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. I firmly believe that our lives should overflow with joy. By intertwining the spiritual disciplines of yoga and meditation with holistic wellness, I aim to lead others toward a life of inner peace and transformation.

But my mission doesn’t stop there; I also introduce women to fulfilling work-from-home opportunities. To me, success is seeing every woman I guide wake up excited about where they are in their journey. With me by your side, each day is a step closer to a life brimming with joy.

the joy Summit Speakers

pip coleman

Pip is a menopause mentor, life coach and author with 25 years’ experience, who specializes in creating MenoRecipes™ for women to manage their unique mind-body-spirit symptoms in the best way for them to thrive, so they can feel less overwhelmed, alone, crazy and out of control and more confident, connected to their soul and emotionally realigned.

Skye McDonald

Skye McDonald is the author of the Anti-Belle series, contemporary romance novels set in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Skye is also a wellness coach. When not writing sexy books or cheering for you to live your best life, Skye can be found out on a new adventure, wherever that may take her.

Dr. Laurence Brock

Laurence Brock has a Doctorate of Spiritual Science and holds a postgraduate degree in advanced ministerial counseling. He is an ordained minister, a certified Polarity Therapist and a fully accredited advanced biofeedback practitioner.

Amy Cunliffe

After spending over a decade supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations grow their businesses internationally, Amy quit everything and left her career behind. She started her own business as a Certified Business Coach and created her signature framework, The Entrepreneurs Compass. Over the course of her career, Amy’s services have assisted more than 500 businesses in overcoming obstacles on their path to success, enabling them to grow their leadership and secure clients.

Dr. Phillip Mountrose

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose Mountrose, Awakenings founders, co-direct the Institute, a non-profit organization centered in the San Luis Obispo area on the Central California coast. They focus on helping people to awaken to their true purpose and enlist their full potential. They also operate Holistic Communications, a publishing company that extends their work to people around the world.

diane brandon

Diane Brandon is a passionate facilitator and expert on Intuition, Dreams, and the “Born Aware Phenomenon,” a term she introduced. With her unique humor and insights, she has transformed many lives through classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. A seasoned radio host, Diane has been a guest dream interpreter on “Your Time with Kim” and spoken on intuition at prestigious platforms like the Mensa Annual Gathering. She’s penned four acclaimed books, including “Born Aware” and “Dream Interpretation for Beginners.” In this interview, Diane delves into techniques for finding joy, embracing intuition, and understanding the deeper essence of our existence.

dr. margot mckinnon

With The Dominance Theory, Margot helps people recognize which of the 5 dimensions dominate their personality and which ones have atrophied and become dormant. Listen to this life-changing interview as Dr. Margot McKinnon clearly explains each dimension of our lives (Body: Physical/Material – Mind: Logical/Systematic – Spirit: Unconditional Love/Eternal Self – Soul: Meaning/Purpose – Oneness: Connection/Belonging), and how to balance this and find true joy any time in your life that you don’t feel that joy. 

hans wilhelm

Hans Wilhelm has written and illustrated over 220 books for children and adults. Many have been translated into more than thirty languages and have become successful animated television series that are enjoyed by children all over the world. The total sales of his books have exceeded 40 million copies worldwide.

As a noted speaker Hans has been inspiring audiences around the world with his spiritual and life-affirming concepts that he shares in many of his books and videos (

di challenor

Facing immense personal loss from a young age, including the passing of her parents and sister, Di Challenor transformed her pain into spiritual growth. Her challenging journey, including a turbulent marriage, ignited her gifts as a medium and channeler of profound spiritual guidance and healing. Through Angelic Reiki and other spiritual practices, Di has mended countless lives, often alleviating depression in a single session. Today, she finds joy in tending to her garden and engaging in creative self-expression. In our interview, Di reveals how to harness joy through mindset shifts and even offers a sneak peek into her Joie de Vivre oracle deck. As a special treat, summit attendees can join Di for a free live tarot workshop post-summit. Join and find answers to your burning questions!

helena dellarosa

Helena, a certified energy healer and security professional, has worked in the entertainment industry, providing services for stars like Ewan McGregor and managing event security for top artists and even the Pope. Transitioning to energy healing, she specializes in helping clients overcome trauma and emotional issues, using her intuition to guide them through challenges related to love and money. Helena’s background and skills make her a unique and effective guide for those seeking transformation and healing.

jane mountrose

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose lead Awakenings, a San Luis Obispo-based institute dedicated to helping individuals realize their purpose and potential. They also helm Holistic Communications, broadening their impact globally. DR. JANE MOUNTROSE, Awakenings’ CFO and Administrative Director, brings a rich background as an author, holistic teacher, Spiritual Life coach, and more, with over 25 years of expertise in art and architecture. Committed to making a worldwide difference, the Mountroses guide students in Awakenings’ university degree programs. In our interview, Jane introduces practices to connect with our heart and soul, illuminating the path to a life guided by the heart’s true desires.

kyra peralte

Kyra Peralte is the founder of The Traveling Diary. Kyra first mailed her diary to a stranger, who added an entry and did the same. People have kept it.

At The Traveling Diary, they believe in the power of community and storytelling. Their journey is one of connection, authenticity, and inclusivity, and they welcome individuals who share their vision and resonate with our guiding principles, including a commitment to following the seven agreements that define our community.

Srikumar Rao

Dr. Rao Srikumar S. Rao, founder of The Rao Institute, is a top-tier coach, speaker, and former business school professor. He’s renowned for his course, Creativity and Personal Mastery (CPM), aimed at personal growth. A TED speaker and best-selling author, his books include the international hit “Are You Ready to Succeed” and the recent Amazon bestseller “Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots.” He’s also developed audio courses and a transformative 45-day program with Mindvalley to boost resilience and personal success.

Richard Burdick

Reverend Richard Burdick is the Senior Minister at Unity North Atlanta, which is a community that supports diverse journeys of personal and spiritual growth. Unity North Atlanta accepts where you are on your journey. They endeavor to inspire and empower you to go beyond limiting beliefs and see the Divinity in all people and situations.

gretchen comer

Gretchen Comer is a spiritual coach and energy healer with 25 years of experience, focused on helping women achieve healing and empowerment. She provides a supportive and nurturing environment, assisting clients in breaking free from old patterns and finding inner peace. Gretchen integrates holistic and natural elements into her practice, emphasizing empowerment and self-discovery. With certifications in various holistic modalities and a diverse range of services, she is ready to guide you on your journey to living your best life.

Julie Ryan

Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can communicate with spirits both alive and dead. Julie can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and she can tell how close to death someone is. Her book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next describes a series of events that involves angels, multitudes of deceased family and friends, the spirits of deceased pets, and countless serendipitous and miraculous moments. Julie’s Angel Messages® books are picture books that have angels answering kids’ tough questions. Each week, Julie scans callers on her ‘Ask Julie Ryan’ show which is heard by millions in over 100 countries throughout the world. Julie is a businesswoman, an inventor, author, podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Her surgical device inventions are sold globally and she has founded nine companies in five different industries. Julie’s Psychic and Medical Intuitive skills are learned.

Rhysa sisco

Rhysa Sisco is the Founder and CEO of Regulate with Rhysa and a life and business empowerment mentor. After being an occupational therapist for 5 years, she transitioned from healthcare to pursue her dreams as an entrepreneur. She is dedicated to empowering high-achieving leaders, business owners, and CEOS to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary success by harnessing their emotions, breaking through limiting beliefs, shifting their mindset, and aligning their energy. She has been featured on Authority Magazine, Pod Talks, Tag Talks, and a frequent guest on top business podcasts.

Dr. Lynda Ulrich

Dr. Lynda Ulrich founded The Goodness Exchange, an online media company championing positive stories often overshadowed by mainstream news. Their team promotes a “Conspiracy of Goodness” movement, spotlighting individuals globally making impactful changes. Alongside leading a global community that celebrates ingenuity and progress, Dr. Lynda is a renowned public speaker with a TEDx talk titled “Exposing the Conspiracy of Goodness”, where she introduces the transformative “4-Shifts” process.

Dr. Toni Reilly

Dr. Toni Reilly, Australia’s leading Past Life and Afterlife Specialist, is the author of “Awake: The Purpose Of Life And Why You Are Here” and founder of the Toni Reilly Institute. Trained by the esteemed Dr. Brian Weiss and having refined her skills at the UK’s Arthur Findlay College, Toni’s unique approach to personal development blends spiritual psychology with practical tools. For two decades, she’s aided individuals in understanding life, grief, and death, notably through her Diploma of SoulLife® Coaching. Committed to empowering others, her teachings emphasize the union of spiritual understanding with everyday life. For more insights, explore her media features or find her on TikTok and YouTube.

Donna Bond

Donna Bond, a former corporate marketing executive, underwent a significant life transformation at 44. Trading her corporate role for a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, she emerged as a global spiritual life and business coach. With a background from the University of Santa Monica, Donna seamlessly blends business insights with spiritual coaching to empower individuals towards authentic self-realization. An author and advocate for global consciousness elevation, she resides in both Southern California and Costa Rica, sharing her journey with her husband, artist Paul Bond.

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